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Thursday, 23 January, 2020
Flag of the UK Theresa Villiers
I voted Leave to ensure that the people who make our laws are the ones we elect, the ones we can hold to account, and the ones we can kick out if they get it wrong.
The Guardian (25/06/16)
Flag of the EU Emily Thornberry
As I did. (Answering: Your constituency voted about three quarters for remain)
The Institute for Government keynote speech (06/02/19)
Flag of the EU Trevor Phillips
Now I voted remain. I didn't vote remain because I love the old, unelected men who run things in Brussels.
Question Time (22/11/2018)
Flag of the EU Sarah Baxter
It’s true, I voted “remain” but the goings-on in parliament have left me oddly unmoved.
The Times (19/11/17)